Global Reach Group is comprised of professionals with a wide array of technical,

financial and language skills.

David Malave


David has almost 25 years of experience in managing businesses in Latin America. He previously provided companies with Technical, Strategic, Finance and Management support in Central America and Venezuela. As part of his consulting services, Mr. Malave developed nationwide and international standards, conducted benchmarking analysis and designed plans to expand business operations.

David was the CEO of the Empresa de Electricidad del Oriente (EEO), the second largest utility company in El Salvador. Previously, Mr. Malave was responsible for a variety of activities for all of AES’s El Salvador electricity companies. David developed a key Business and Operating Plan that synched up local policies and strategies with AES Corporation’s worldwide corporate goals.

Mr. Malave also worked for Electricidad de Caracas (EDC) in Venezuela. In this capacity, he led areas including Organization and Execution of Projects, Organizational Studies, Technical Evaluations, Business and Strategic Planning, Project Maintenance, Financial Improvement, Auditing and Human Resources. David was also involved in EDC interests in Colombia.

In addition, Mr. Malave was the CEO of AES Telecommunications in El Salvador, a telephony operator owned by AES Corporation. He was also the founding President of the Association of Telephony Operators of El Salvador.

David holds a BSBA in Business Administration from the Universidad Simón Rodriguez de Caracas (Venezuela). He also received certification in Advanced Engineering from the Instituto Superior Universitario de Mercadotecnia (Venezuela). Mr. Malave has also completed courses in Project Management from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela).

As a consultant, he has advised executives in the areas of General Management, Development and Planning, Process Management, ERP Systems, Warranty and Quality.

Michael Krier

Vice President for Finance Planning & Analysis

Mr. Krier has over 20 years of experience in market and competitive intelligence, financial analysis and business development across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, technology, energy, entertainment, health care, transportation, manufacturing and advertising.

Michael lived and studied in Argentina prior to beginning his undergraduate studies. Following graduation, he went on to advise multinational and local companies on entry and growth strategies in Latin America.

Mr. Krier has developed business plans for companies on growing commercial business across diverse areas, including budgeting, forecasting & complex models with a focus on key indicators (…. among others) …

At AES Corporation, Mr. Krier led a cross-functional team to develop and launch a telecom network in El Salvador. He subsequently assumed the position of Finance Manager for the new company. Finally, Michael was promoted to oversee financial activities for all of AES’s subsidiaries in the country.

Michael has also worked for other prestigious Fortune 500 companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Viacom and Microsoft where he has been a key player in strategic decision making to drive growth and higher profitability in domestic and international markets.

Michael holds an MBA in Finance from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and a BA in Economics and International Relations from American University. In addition, Mr. Krier completed post graduate coursework in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

Marcus Arvellos


Mr. Arvellos has over 15 years of experience in public and private bids and proposals as well as a solid background in international financial management and regulatory compliance.

Marcus served as Bids and Proposals Manager for WorldReach Consulting. In addition, Mr. Arvellos was Senior Budget Manager for the Academy for Educational Development (AED) where he was responsible for financial management of a $65 million investment project covering 14 countries.

He has held several positions where he supported field offices with respect to project budgets at the regional and country levels. Mr. Arvellos provided strategic support for project expansion and regulatory compliance.

Marcus’s major achievements include the creation of a comprehensive reporting system that led to all encompassing, accurate and time effective reporting for regulatory requirements for over 210 cost centers. The new budget and reporting system was fundamental to the successful expansion of the project which rose from 3 to 14 field offices.

A native of Brazil, Mr. Arvellos is fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Marcus holds a business degree from the University of Minnesota.


Global Reach Group also maintains an extensive network of consultants from countries across the region specialized in business areas from strategic planning to the most critical processes required to ensure success and growth.

This extended team brings a wealth of knowledge in the Design, Construction and Operations of Power Generation (Solar, Hydroelectric, Fuel, Coal and Gas) in addition to Operations, Maintenance of Transmission Services, Distributors and Marketers of Energy.

Global Reach Group's far reaching network also includes qualified professionals in the Implementation, Training and Operation of Telecommunication Companies in South and Central America.